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Our Expertise

Pinhole leak prevention for condos and commercial buildings

Left unmanaged, the soft water flowing through the copper pipes installed in Vancouver condominium and commercial buildings can quickly corrode pipes and lead to pinhole leaks. In turn, this causes mold, stains and other damage.

The Hytec Water Management System protects against soft water corrosion by continuously placing a microscopic protective coating of natural minerals on the inside of copper pipes. It also achieves the ideal water pH balance between acidity and alkalinity, without compromising water safety or quality. The result is a robust anti-corrosion system offering:

  • Long-lasting protection against copper corrosion
  • Low cost insurance against expensive repairs
  • Ongoing, reliable water management

Water management for agriculture & farming

Hytec also specializes in water management solutions for agriculture and farming. We have particular expertise in dairy farming, hog farming, field crops, and greenhouse farming.

Effective water management is an integral part of success in agriculture and the food and beverage industry. Our experience and expertise provides a range of benefits for our farming and agriculture customers, including:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved productivity
  • Better water quality
  • Higher yield

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Our Experience

Originally founded in Edmonton, Alberta 30 years ago, Hytec has been headquartered in Burnaby, BC since 2000. We have since established ourselves as the leading water management solution provider for pinhole leaks and soft water corrosion in copper pipes in the Lower Mainland, saving our client portfolio millions of dollars a year. We also undertake water management projects for light industrial, agriculture and farming customers. All of our customers benefit from our:

  • High level of expertise and commitment
  • In-depth understanding of water and its safe management
  • Premium equipment, products and services
  • Ability to help you reduce costs and solve water problems
  • Commitment to innovation and safety

Our experience means we have anti-corrosion water management down to a science. Our approach is to use that experience to tailor our solutions to each customer – from high- and low-rise residential buildings to farms.

Engineer Approved

“We have known about problems with piping in the lower mainland for over 20 years and there have been a wide range of responses to these problems including tearing out all of the piping buildings and putting in new pipes. In my experience, Hytec offers the most thorough and affordable water management system for eliminating issues with pipe corrosion of any company in the world.”

– Jeff Besant
Besant & Associates Engineers, Vancouver

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Our Responsibilities


The Hytec Management System and its proprietary products are Government Certified for safe use in potable water under NSF Standard 60, and the treatment process is also recognized by Health Canada. Once installed, the system contains built-in safeguards.


From the initial consultation to final installation and ongoing maintenance, upgrades and support we provide knowledgeable and transparent service. Our system comes with a 3- or 6-year term; it includes all equipment and maintenance, warranty, a 24/7 service phone line and no hidden invoices.


To ensure we continue to meet our customers’ needs, we update our proprietary OEM Hytec Water Management System every three years with the latest water management technology.


Third Party Reports

GVRD Report on Copper Corrosion 1999
GVRD Report on Copper Corrosion (1999)
Download PDF
GVRD Report on Copper Corrosion 1999
Health Canada: Guidance on
Controlling Corrosion in Drinking Water Distribution Systems (2009)
Download PDF
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Join the hundreds of properties and thousands of individual condo owners in Metro Vancouver who benefit from our water management system every day. Get a free water analysis and quote by calling 604-628-2421 or by submitting the form below.

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  • Prevents corrosion and leaks
  • Government certified
  • Same day installation
  • 3- or 6-year term (equiment, warranty, service)
  • Affordable payment plan
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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Hytec’s AquaSoft and PH Control products unique?

Hytec AquaSoft product protects your pipes against pinhole leaks. It is proprietary to Hytec and the result of years of refinement and knowledge, with proven results.

How much does the Hytec Water Management System cost to install in a condo property with pinhole leaks?

Hytec installs its systems and services and bills the Strata on an “All Inclusive” rate that covers unlimited usage of our water treatment products and equipment and services for as little $5.90 per month / condo unit*. This is compared to the cost of replacing copper pipes, which can run to over $15,000 per condo unit.

*Price/unit can vary depending on the domestic water line size

Are Hytec products and equipment certified?

All Hytec products, from metering equipment to water treatment products, are certified by CSA or Government Standard NSF 60, and meet or exceed City of Vancouver permits and requirements. Each Hytec Water Management System is individually stamped and approved by an engineer upon installation.

How many condo properties use Hytec products in Vancouver?

Hytec manages over 350 plus condo properties in Metro Vancouver, as well as known landmarks such as Rogers Arena, Richmond City Hall, Trinity West University, Wall Centre and Pan Pacific.