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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The corrosion problems that soft water presents to copper piping systems are nuanced, and Hytec Water Systems confront those problems in a number of ways. We’ve produced a list of questions we’re commonly asked, alongside imagery to help illustrate our answers. We hope that you find it useful. For additional reference, check out the Hytec video.

    What makes Hytec treament products so unique?

    Hytec AquaSoft product protects your pipes against pinhole leaks. It is proprietary to Hytec and the result of years of refinement and knowledge, with proven results.

    Are Hytec products and equipment certified?

    All Hytec products, from metering equipment to water treatment products, are certified by CSA or Government Standard NSF 60, and meet or exceed City of Vancouver permits and requirements. Each Hytec Water Management System is individually stamped and approved by an engineer upon installation.

    How much does the Hytec Water Management System cost to install in a condo property with pinhole leaks?

    Hytec installs its systems and services and bills the Strata on an “All Inclusive” rate, we refer to this as the Hytec AquaPlan, that covers unlimited usage of our water treatment products and equipment and services for as little $4.90 per month / condo unit*. This is compared to the cost of replacing copper pipes, which can run to over $15,000 per condo unit.

    *Price/unit can vary depending on the domestic water line size.

    How many condo properties use the Hytec system and its products in Vancouver?

    Hytec manages hundreds of condo properties in Vancouver and area, Victoria, Nanaimo, Whistler, Calgary and in the Toronto GTA

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    Hytec Client Resources

    Material safety data sheets (MSDS)

    As a water treatment company, Hytec Water has a duty to properly label substances on the basis of physico-chemical, health and/or environmental risks. A material safety data sheet (MSDS) is not only required by Canadaian and international law, it is also an important component of our ongoing responsibility to our customers as well as the promotion of occupational safety and health in general.

    Soft Water Corrosion

    Hard Water scaling

    • Hytec AquaSoft HW (Hard Water)
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